A shoe that knows what it is for the woman who knows who she is.
Marskinryyppy is a fashion shoe brand, debuted in FW15, created by Texan born designer Nicole Brundage. The brand, which takes its name after a traditional alcoholic Finnish drink, meaning “The Marshall’s shot”, is the fruit of the designer’s two previous brands — Nicole Brundage and Acrobats of God — united under one umbrella.

The brand’s philosophy is one of stellar quality and design at a competitive price, strong feminine style and grace. Hand-made shoes, signed with the Italian craftsmanship for the woman who allures and loves to be allured. Shoes underlined by originality, yet easy to wear; shoes that resist anonymity yet provoke curiosity; a visual integration of the female as super-power and the female as delicate sensual.
One of the brand’s thumbprints is the element of surprise.

Marskinryyppy’s predictability lies in its actual unpredictability, presenting in each season, new heels together with new takes on carry-over styles.
The compelling personality of designer Nicole Brundage is clearly emulated in the eclectic and mood-driven designs of the brand. A woman of the world, whose creative process is spelled out as experimental, impulsive and intuitive. Nicole Brundage’s approach to design is geometrical filled by circular, square, linear, or even psychedelic movements, along with the right dose of Pop Art style and attitude.

A kaleidoscopic world of colors, shapes and lines that capture the public’s attention while all metallics, blacks, PVC and mesh represent a huge part in the brand’s character.
In today’s beauty driven society, designer Nicole Brundage acknowledges that the shoe is the one thing that a woman can triumphantly wear with no questions asked.
Her passion for shoe design is attributed to how a shoe can transform a woman’s self-image.
The shoe in the leading role, acting as confidence catalyst, altering the way a woman moves and feels.

Marskinryyppy by Nicole Brundage

A shoe that knows what it is for the woman who knows who she is. Marskinryyppy is a fashion shoe brand created by Texan born designer Nicole Brundage.

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